Barack Obama and Booker T.Washington- An Uncanny Resemblance

The more closely I scrutinize the words and actions of Barack Obama, the more i am convinced that the figure in African American History he resembles the most is Booker T Washington. Like Mr. Washington, President Obama has a penchant for dressing down working class Black people, holding their culture up to ridicule and insisting they must improve their “behavior” to win respect; and also like Mr Washington, he seems comfortable interacting with, and seeking the advice of, the nation’s wealthiest and most powerful people. To be fair, Mr Washington registered major accomplishments and so has President Obama, but neither figure should be regarded as a civil rights or human rights leader in the fullest meaning of those terms, because neither cast their lot with the most disadvantaged and vulnerable section of the African American community or gave much weight to speaking harsh truths about injustice. They are quintessential self-made people who see their accomplishments validating the American Dream. But perhaps there were more casualties along their path to the top than either were willing to recognize