Company free energy, radiant energy that gives the day and night

Methods for obtaining the free energy from all sources of energy around us There are several. One popular technique is the conversion of energy into electrical energy from the radiation. Radiant energy is present in up to now in our atmosphere. They are, in addition to solar radiation from the sun, include cosmic rays from the star. Free energy devices, in order to generate electricity for your home, use of this energy.

Concept of conversion of radiant energy to the free energy Back famous scientist, in the era of Nikola Tesla. In fact, it has been particularly interested in the process utilizing the cosmic rays to produce free energy Tesla. One of the advantages of cosmic rays, it is always that present in the atmosphere. Therefore, as in the case of using a Kazeyashio or solar energy, will not need to save the electrical energy. Tesla went a long way in his study, invented a device for generating electricity from radiant energy. However, lobbying and shock tactics by the power companies and financiers prevented the discovery of receiving Tesla advertising it for granted fame.

You can set the simple device of your home will serve as proof of concept electricity could be generated from the radiation in the atmosphere. You would need a clean and polished aluminum plate. Plate may be isolated, it must cover several times with an insulating material. Plate is large, more effective your result is as follows. However, small plates is sufficient for the purposes of demonstration. Plates, larger, you will need to install high as possible output as high plate.

A wire connected to the aluminum plate, it will carry the current generated by the device. Can be used to adjust the output current by rectifying the full wave rectifier and a capacitor. Voltage and the strength of the current depends on the size of the installation height of the aluminum plate and the plate. Still small voltage and current, is sufficient to explain the proof of concept.

This experiment, you will need to demonstrate the principle of operation of the free energy system by applying you to focus on electrical energy to the conversion of radiant energy. When you install the free energy devices, without any monthly fee, you can rest assured that it would meet all of the power requirements of your home.