Elite clean energy, two of the ozone layer?

Some, after you have studied global warming, I think I can shed a lot of light on the topic. Well, the Earth’s atmosphere has a four-layer. Troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere. I’ll be focused troposphere, the stratosphere. Well, we all heard about global warming, and we are confident that all of it have an idea about what.

If you do not know: global warming, it is the effect of thickening of the ozone layer. It causes the ozone layer, the thickening increases the amount of light of the sun, factories, automobiles, etc. in / heat caused by contaminants are given off is trapped in the atmosphere of the earth. (Cause warmth)

Well, Well, this is what most people do not know. 2 ozone layer is present. One, in the middle of the stratosphere. Which is the next level above the troposphere. Other ozone layer, the atmosphere of us surrounded by journey in the air and airplanes is basically troposphere,.

Global warming, has come from the ozone layer of the troposphere. This is formed from contaminants that are placed in the air. These contaminants are heated slightly to our planet by little (greenhouse), and finally, forming a hang smog in the air. They usually greenhouse gases to keep warm the earth is not bad. However, for all the industrialization of causes, these gases are built, it is becoming more harmful.

Ozone layer in the stratosphere is very important for the survival. This is to absorb ultraviolet rays, allowing survival. UV skin cancer, premature skin aging, is linked with cataracts. Also been killing knows harm to crops, small organisms such as plankton such. In fact, scientists in the 1970s, argued that this ozone layer had been depleted. Scientists, the ozone layer is believed to have been destroyed by CFCs. Air conditioning, compounds used in solvent and aerosol spray bottle.

Back in the day, the use of sunscreen as much, due to the fact that it causes layer was sufficient enough, it was not promoted as today. If you were to go out under the sun too long, however, today, you will bear the mark to prove it. Layer is back, but still is far from the original state.