How Do you have a green you? – The key to sustainable construction

As there are shades of color, there are many definitions, such as “green”. Wikipedia also, green building, known as sustainable architecture, definition “, design, construction, renovated, operated, or ecosystems and the structure that has been reused in resource efficient way. ”

Web site of the Dade County Florida “go beyond the conservation of energy and water in order to incorporate the excellent indoor environmental quality practices of sustainable building environment-sensitive site planning, resource efficient building materials.” , read that web site, shows the five important advantage of briefly green building concept “spirit” sustainable seems to capture the construction.

– Lower electric and water utility costs
– Effective use the environment of building materials
– Health and productivity enhanced
– Long-term economic return
– Reduce environmental impact

The need, in order to reduce costs associated with energy production and import building materials, the importance of minimizing the impact on the water resource saving and environment in yet most important in our island communities, there is a problem. Green initiative, provides a superior advantage, I carry a price tag associated with implementation. What are we, but we’ve seen the benefits and challenges, affordable solution?

Electricity and water utility costs under
Thin-film solar and atmospheric water generation is technolgies of 2 affordable very well fit in the Caribbean region. We receive a sunshine rich mix with cloudy day, it still is solar radiation of the day 4-5 hours has been estimated as being typical of the region. With a capacity of estimated 5 watts / square foot, how to use the lighweight thin-film solar. Typical 1200 square feet of house roof that can easily support laminted a 3000 watts solar power system. In the system of this size, I will generate an estimated 12-15kWh per day. The solar system the electiical lighintg to less than 4K, cooling, and also by reducing the load of the appliance, I can size is recued.

How do we reduce our electrical load calculation? LED design and modification lighting, using high efficiency, in a typical household, LED lighting, using the weak 250 watts for the entire lighting circuit, convenienal incandescent or CFL lighting system and equal to or more lumens I provide the output. Heat pump hot water supply technology to estimate provide while using the maximum water temperature nominal less than 800 watts of 7000 BTU output and 135. For 11,000btu system, while using only 1,200 watts, with a ductless split DC inverter technology proven air conditioning unit, provided to control remote Zoned cooling. Energy Efficient appliances are readily available, and helps to reduce the overall electrical load

Very natural solution for the production of clean water in the Caribbean, has been around since the beginning of time. Atmospheric water generator (AWG) system is using the natural moisture in the air to produce up to six gallons per day of pure filtered water without requiring any plumbing or realated infrastructure. The dispensing 99.9% pure water, AWG system can be operated directly from solar power and plug into a standard household outlet. Unit with a built-in heating elements of water distributes the hot or cold water on demand without the need to maintain an inventory of bottled water. Production costs, has been estimated to be between water per gallon $ 0.06 -0.14.

The effective use in building materials of environment
What is needed, able to withstand high winds, it is a building system, there are structural versatility, insulation, providing a high level of minimim waste affordable. Concrete structure insulation panels, (CSIP) provides an excellent alternative to conventional concrete block construction of the Caribbean. Recognized as proven throughout the United States, the CSIP is designed to advance, professionally, engineered insulated pre-cut provides a finish strucural frame and external and internal concrete refractory surface. These lighweight concrete panel, has been produced by such Hamilton is a member of the tie as Ohio T.Clear Inc. US Green Building Council (USGBC) manufacturer. CSIP construction system of those Protec is a less skilled labor reduces provided months verse materials date wall construction time, when compared to the blocked or conventioanl construction techniques, is competitive afforadble. There is a panel, framing the state of the literature of the company in the “all 1, exterior, the insulation and interior wall. This is equivalent to build more homes in a short time with less associated costs and waste are you. Pure Green International is one company that is featuring current PROTEC concrete CSIPs 100% of their housing construction project
“Results. Only in labor costs what we expected, a minimum of waste, are higher energy efficiency, it is easy system to integrate into our existing development projects. The learning curve Although the minimum, saving energy and labor is huge.! “Pure Green USA

Enhanced health and productivity
Clean water, fresh air, no low-VOC off gasing product you must be a benchmark for the house, which was built under the “green” design concept. Does not occur by the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly homes accident, it is home to comfort, to provide the style, also takes the planning and design guidelines in order to ensure that it is affordable. To suppress the eco-friendly cost to choose from the product of a shelf to a minimum, helping time descrease required to procure special products that add time and expense to the construction process. In spite of the misunderstanding, “green house” is stylish, decreased at an affordable price, you can build on the time line.

Protec┬« building system, currently, will be used by private development company in the Bahamas in order to build a “net-zero energy house”. Recent approval has been approved for Protech Building Systems ┬« from work of the Bahamas Ministry. It is designed to design the exact load up to 150 miles per hour wind. These “net-zero energy homes,” They, less consumption environmental impact, withstand high winds, to generate more energy than is perfect for developers who are looking for high construction production rate.

I will return the long-term economic
Established concepts and methods when the green initiatives are introduced into the first for the first time some of the area, unfortunately been challenged by new technology, typically, is intense amount of resistance as a traditional stakeholders exist. However, as can benefit the local community progress of a new generation of proven technology to secure by continues success in renewable energy in sustainable development department, for greater benefit, and innovation you need to set the traditional obstacles aside to “red tape”.

Proven open-minded acceptance of “green technology” investment in the United States Oyobi overseas, training, will bring jobs and prosperity. Long-term economic growth, is the fruit’s harvest when we plant the seeds of green initiatives today.

Reduce environmental impact
Waste reduction, but conservation and maintenance of pure water stock resources are faced with yet any area in developing countries and the Caribbean islands, it is an important issue. As our population grows, the subject of waste management and recycling, make the need to pay more rigorous attention. Acceptance of education and recycling is the key. Conservation in the adoption lifestyle, population as a benefit in order to accept it, must see it. Tangible incentives such as the reduction of such recycling househgolds waste collection rate for has a generator of large-scale public was adopted, solar and wind power generation system and the atmosphere that would go a long way to helping accept home and reduce the utility bills of the water rate of households decrease municipality “Green to go.”

By the United States and the islands of the Caribbean carefully, implements the wise use of our strategic natural resources, so that you can in the hope that it will become the world leader in implemntation of green technology with adoption and proven. It increased government tourism of our region and success what we get, investment, training, it is clear to have a little that you can equate to employment and prosperity.