How to do the work of the Solar Car

Developed a car, technology that is used to construct are evolving at a rapid pace. However, I think the progress of have occurred during the past few decades. Cars and trucks, come a long way, many car operation is evolved to a point where they are automated, we have continued to have a sensor to efficiently boost as possible.
This is the technology that has led to the rise of solar car. They do Mase mere pipe dream anymore. Solar car technology has been realized. However, just regardless of the many other car enthusiasts, as consumers, are you, might these cars think to how questions in behavior only.

Foundation of Solar Car
At the level of emissions that have been omitted through the growing and car interest in environmental exhaust in the air, solar car, has become a viable option for those who prefer a car design that was more environmentally friendly .
Very different operates from an internal combustion engine, solar car, is their main source of power and energy, will act as more solar panels. Compared with other cars, they are much lighter, more aerodynamically designed.

Key design elements that make up the design of the following solar car is as follows.

Power: the power used to operate the solar car is coming from the sun. In particular, it is constituted by particles called solar photons. This energy is recovered from the solar panels located on the vehicle. Photons when in contact with the solar panels on vehicles, they will provide an electron energy in the solar panel.
Motor power-on: either collecting energy by a solar panel is fed to the motor to be either used, it can also be stored in the car battery to be used when needed. If necessary, solar car will also be able to charge through the outlet. When an automobile is in operation, and is used for current supply energy to the motor. When not using the vehicle, the current is redirected to the battery. In most cases, the battery is a lithium ion.
Major components: on the outside of the solar panels, the core component of the sun car, a solar cell array. This is to convert the power from the sun into electricity for use by the motor. These photovoltaic cells can be made from materials such as single-crystal and polycrystalline.
Car design: weight can make it a major impact on the solar car function, they comes with light design elements, such as such light chassis and frame. Also, rather than using the solar panel bulky quite large, small solar cells are used. Solar car does not have a transmission like a normal car. Instead, power is converted to, and a motor controller and power tracker for managing the current through the motor.
Charging: car battery, you can be charged in two ways. It can take about a day, or a charge through solar panels through outlets in about 3 hours.