How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

Spending time in the pool in the backyard is known as a traditional pastime for both children and adults who want to cool off from the summer heat. When you’re ready to make a splash in the water, it’s important to get your pool ready for the warmer season ahead. If you’re looking to get your pool ready and spend time outdoors, here are a few effective tips to follow.

Shock the Water

Shocking the water in your pool is essential and should be performed every week or two to destroy chloramines and other types compounds for a cleaner pool. Use a five-gallon bucket and rubber gloves to stir one pound of shock into the water before pouring it into the pool at dusk or at night. It should run for at least eight hours. Use one pound of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water in the pool.

Open Your Pool Early

Opening your pool early when it’s cooler outside, which can prevent algae from growing. Algae is known to grow in dark and warm places and can be difficult to remove off of the walls of the inground pool structure. Avoid keeping the pool cover on until the middle of June to avoid the issue.

Check the Pool’s Chemicals

The pools chemicals need to be checked by evaluating the pH each week to prevent it from carrying harmful bacteria if it’s too acidic or alkaline. Monitoring the chlorine levels is also important to kill bacteria that is present and to make the water safe to swim in. Checking the pool chemicals each week will also help you to avoid adding too much chlorine, which can fade your swimsuit and change the color of your hair.

Clean the Filter

Cleaning the filter is necessary to remove dirt or debris that can make its way back into the pool. Replacing an older system with a new pool filter system Michigan will also keep the water clean and can avoid costly problems that can develop. You’ll need to discard the waste by following the instructions on the filter, which varies with each product.

Maintaining your pool and preparing it for plenty of use during the summer season is essential to the maintenance of a clean environment for your family. By taking the right steps, you’ll enjoy plenty of time outdoors while creating new memories in the water.