How to the cause of the destruction of the ozone layer in the opposite

Since the cause of the ozone layer depletion has been identified, the solution was put in place to eliminate the reduction or use thereof. US Clean Air Act, the Montreal protocol, to deal with the problem in the international. The purpose of these treaties, by abolishing the known contributors in stages, is to stop the damage to the ozone layer.

There are many causes of ozone depletion, chloroflurocarbons it has been identified to be the most detrimental. These gases are used in many different industries in a variety of ways. In one example, the refrigeration and air-conditioning system, heating, and a refrigerant gas that is used to perform the ventilation and air conditioning systems. Chloroflurocarbons also fire extinguisher, aerosol, and are used in the production of the installation form and anesthetics.

Years of study, they have decided to occupy the top causes of chloroflurocarbons ozone depletion because not degraded by breaking or lower atmosphere by rain. When they reach the stratosphere, UV sun, thus to release chlorine, decompose the compound. This resulting chlorine is what damages the ozone in the iterative process. Unfortunately, the length of time of the chemical, due to the much longer destruction of ozone, the last or causes depend chlorine on decomposition of refrigerant for 2 years and other chemicals.

Major cause of the ozone layer destruction, gas was discovered in artificial halo, fluorine, chlorine and bromine. Depletion of important chemical compounds from ozone destruction and air is both derivatives of the refrigerant gas, was closely tied to chlorine and bromine. Chlorine atom while bromine atom is due halon is, arise from chloroflurocarbons molecule. Use the chloroflurocarbons and halon, but that it does not harm the environment is safe, they cause significant damage to the stratosphere.

Free radicals, including hydroxyl, monoxide nitrogen atom, a chlorine and bromine, is the cause of the destruction of the ozone layer. Currently, hydroxyl and nitric oxide occurs naturally in the stratosphere. However, chlorine and bromine are the result of human activities, their levels in the atmosphere has increased so far.

Ozone layer protects the Earth from the full power of ultraviolet rays of the sun. If it is depleted, the earth simply receive more exposure to harmful radiation. Skin cancer, and the plant will damage is reduced marine plankton, weakens the immune system in humans and animals, will increase. Overall balance of the Earth’s life systems are affected.

Various compounds, after being identified as a cause of ozone depletion, the protocol, put in place to reduce the amount thereof. They, including the United States Clean Air Act, the Montreal protocol. Its sole purpose is graded material damage to reduce or ozone. But, before the substance that gives these damage in these efforts disappear completely from the stratosphere, it would take another century. If the emission of harmful refrigerant gas is stopped, the ozone layer, has the ability to heal itself after a few years. Length it takes to recover depends on the type of refrigerant.

Way back 1974, subsequent drafting of the Montreal Protocol, document the destruction of the ozone layer in the government and scientific researchers cause refrigerant gas. If the cause of the destruction of the ozone layer is not resolved, the final result is to global warming. When the temperature of the Earth rises, weather phenomena such as more drought and strong hurricane, will become dissolved ice caps and glaciers When occur. When ozone layer continues to wear down, the earth is in direct contact heat and harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.