I go the Green Kids

Green kids such everyday green lifestyle, environment, ecosystem, natural resources, towards aspects such as global warming and to develop a practical and logical approach, children and school-year-old hope that it provides students 6-18 years of age, national go environment is an educational efforts for, pollution, environment-friendly tips, children, by adopting a contribution to support and green lifestyle, parents, elders, friends inspire, not only you can contribute to mother Nature conservation in the process, conservation and nature protection,. Young children who are currently in school to form the next generation, there is a possibility to become change makers to bring solutions and improvements to the current environmental situation of the Company. It has stood for all individuals of natural dream to have a tomorrow friendly cleaner, to the environment. Go Green Kids initiative, as a main that children be aware, they will help to sensitize their minds to be actively involved in taking care of our environment.

But our vision is to form the largest network of young students in the country and the final that would not look at the environmental protection as a chore from all over the world, to understand its importance, friendly future more environmentally would act to proceed toward the. We, (blog, website, online community, group, and to include a forum), we place the show to discuss a variety of environmental issues such as global warming, events, drama and theater, visit the site , talk workshops and online activities, plans to achieve this through our campaign, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, smoking, alternative energy sources, alternative transportation, green lifestyle, waste management, and environmental the friendly, current and future. In addition, you want to provide a platform for education in support of green ideas, concepts, and underprivileged children.

Our focus only unique content, rather than a theoretical concept, also actual fact, numbers, images, video, and it does not have to prioritize scientific research.

Green Yatra is a non-profit trust that has been registered and our Mother non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Earth (NGO), it’s environment. We introduced and our simple green lifestyle in daily life, by adopting friendly ideas environment, striving to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem for the benefit of all creatures have.