Notorious Phd’s “Value Subtracted” (VS) Ratings for School Reformers

During the last few years, America’s teachers have had their careers held hostage to something called Valued Added Measures developed by econometricians to judge how much students progress in their classes, based on the variation in their test scores during the time teachers have had them in class.  While most education scholars, and psychologists and statisticians specializing in testing, have written off VAM as ” junk science,” school districts all over the country have used VAM ratings as a bases for judging teacher, with the consequences of negative VAM ratings being termination or denial of tenure.

 To give those promulgating and implementing the ratings as taste of their own medicine, Notorious Phd has Developed a Value Subtracted (VS) Rating system based on how much damage their policies have done to teachers, students, and the communities schools have been located in.  The following are the criteria on which School Reformers VS is going to be rated

 To give this system a trial run, I would each of you to rate your favorite School Reformer according to this scale. In each category, you will rate each Reformer from 1-5, with 5 representing the most value subtracted. You will average in all the scores to give each Reformer their composite Rating

Here Goes

1. Closing Schools and Destabilizing Neighborhoods.  VS Score _______

2. Pushing Arts and Music Out of Schools Because of an Obsessive Emphasis on Testing  VS Score_______

3. Destroying Teacher Morale by Attacking Teachers in the Press and Insisting they Be Rated on Student Test Scores
VS Score_____________

4.  Making Student Hate Coming to School Because Everything they Love Has Been Replaced by Test Prep
VS Score__________

5.  Contributing to Obesity Problems be Eliminating Recess and Phys Ed and Contributing to Psychological Problems
by Firing School Counselors  VS Score______________

6. Depriving Student of Mentoring and Inspiration by Veteran Teachers and Replacing them with Teach for America Temps Who Leavve After 2 Years   VS Score___________

 OK Folks. Rate your favorite school Reformer According to this Scale and share your results!!

 If you can’t think of one close to home, how about Arne Duncan, Michelle Rhee, Rahm Emmanuel, or Michael Bloomberg?