Regents Chair Tisch and Chancellor King give a Lesson on How Not to Be a Leader

Last night’s forum at Ward Melville HS in Suffolk County once again revealed why Regents Chair Merryl Tisch and Chancellor John King are poorly equipped to lead the public schools of New York State and why their actions, as well as their policies, have triggered one of the largest parent revolts in modern American history.

In the face of incredibly moving testimony from parents and teachers about the damage done to children, teachers and families by the sudden imposition of Common Core aligned tests, their affect never changed.
There was not a sign of sympathy, empathy, or understanding coming from either person, nor an indication that anyone’s arguments were being heard.

Indeed, both gave the impression that they were accustomed to having their instructions followed religiously by those in their charge, and were impatient with anything but blind obedience.

This approach would be counterproductive even if they had vast experience working in public schools, and or the stature that comes from years of education scholarship tested by the debates that published works inevitably inspire

But since Tisch and King have neither of these attributes, their arrogance, insensitivity, and immunity to argument and evidence infuriated virtually everyone in the room and as well as the thousands of people who have had a chance to see the videos of their “performance.”

If you were going to give a lesson on how NOT to be a leader, you would do well to use the video of Regents Chair Tisch and Chancellor King’s response to testimony last night.

The eloquence of the parents and teachers who spoke, compared to their tired invocation of college readiness as though it nullified every tale of damage, confusion and abuse, exposed their total lack of fitness for the positions their hold.