The Notorious Phd “Activists Curriculum!” Take That Common CORE!!!

One of these days, I am going to write an “Activists Curriculum” which will show how students can learn more organizing protests than they can sitting at a desk in school trying to memorize material.

Writing Skills Component

A. Drafting Leaflets
B. Writing Petitions
C. Developing Press Releases
D. Producing Position Papers for Legislative Hearings

Public Speaking Component

A. Speaking at Rallies
B. Testifying at Hearings
C. Answering Questions At Press Conferences
D. Giving Lectures to School And Community Groups
E. Holding Small Group Seminars That Develop Positions on Issues

Research Component

A. Reviewing Legislation that Reflects on the Issues you are Organizing Around
B. Looking up Arguments on Various Sides of the Issues You Address
C. Reading books and Articles Which Help You Understand the Issues in More Depth

Social Media Component

A. Create A Facebook Page for your Movement
B. Develop Your Own Blog
C. Use Twitter to Communicate With People in Your Movement

Physical Education Component

A. Marching Through the Streets In Support of the Issues You Are Fighting For
B. Climbing Up the Steps of State Houses and City Halls to Speak to Officials
C. (Optional) Running Away from Police When they Try to Break Up Your Protest!

I guarantee you learn more from this Curriculum than studying for any test!!!