UK Skip Hire Companies and Recent Fines

The important thing to remember when hiring a skip for waste disposal is that there are procedures, and best practices, that should be followed to ensure that waste and rubbish are not spread into the environment, but are instead taken to the proper landfill or other waste disposal area. Safety protocols are also necessary to be sure that employees and other waste handlers are not injured.skips-uk-e1430605381483

Always look for a registered skip hire company who are governed by the environmental protection agency. Our local skip hire can be carried out by MW skip hire of Leicester, taking a look at the company you will see they have a variety of skips and are listed with the EPA.

There are many potential dangers that could, and in fact do, arise from improper transport of rubbish.

United Resource Operators Consortium (UROC), which oversees waste operators in conjunction with the Environmental Services Association, has instituted a new program for loads of waste that have less than 15% loss on ignition (LOI), ensuring that these loads qualify for a lower rate of landfill tax.

As recently as April 2013, an employee of Waste Away was injured in a forklift incident due to a total lack of safety protocols in place at the time. This improper use of forklifts to move and relocate skips full of waste could have been easily prevented, and as a result of the accident, the firm was fined over £14,000 in the incident. The employee suffered multiple injuries, including a snapped pelvis, broken ribs, and a punctured lung. He also required the removal of his spleen following the accident.

A £25k Bill for Incorrect Storage of Waste.

Another firm, Eastside 2000 Ltd (E2L), was ordered to pay over £25,000 in fines and costs related to illegal storage of demolition waste. The site in question was located in Hereford, off of Fordshill Road; officials found that no environmental permit had ever been in place for the facility. The site had been under investigation since June 2012, when the Environment Agency first became aware of the illegal storage and processing. The facility had apparently been used legally, when regulations changed and E2L applied for a planning application to ensure the firm would comply with the new regulations.

The planning application was refused in May of 2013, and the Environmental Agency resumed the investigation of the site, along with enforcement action. As for their actions, E2L admitted they were slow in removing the illegal waste, but they also felt the process was hindered by red tape, slowing down what had been, previously, a successful recycling process.

The Environment Agency was noted as saying that they take waste crime seriously and will not hesitate to prosecute in cases such as these.